Join The Bradford Co-operative Association

What is BCA membership? 

Becoming a Member of the Bradford Cooperative Association means you have ownership and a say over how the co-op is run. As a Member, you will guide the future of the co-operative and help shape the work we do. You will also receive a number of exclusive benefits.


Who is eligible for membership?

There are two types of Member in our co-operative:

  • Employee Members for anyone employed or volunteering for the Co-operative for a minimum of 4hrs every month
  • User Members for anyone paying to use the services and/or resources of the co-operative for a minimum of three consecutive months 

All our members must show active interest in helping to run the cooperative. This may include attending quarterly general meetings, being involved in our working groups, or helping out where you can.


What are the benefits of becoming a Member? 

There are loads of benefits to becoming a Member of the Bradford Cooperative Association, they currently include:

  • Ownership over the co-operative, and input into how it is run
  • 30% members discount on pay-as-you-go co-working 
  • 15% members discount in the cafe and access to special offers 
  • Voting rights at General Meetings and eligibility for nomination to our Board of Directors
  • Regular updates, special offers, and events via our Members Newsletter, including opportunities to input on the latest co-operative developments 
  • Access to discounted training opportunities and expenses paid cooperative learning opportunities
  • Access to facilities and support from the co-op and other members

Membership application enquiry

If you would like to join Bread + Roses, please follow this link.  One of our team will be in touch with further details.